music for “Cyberpunk 2077” game
as in-game artist Mona Mitchell
track: “Ice Maddox”
Pacific Dreams Radio 88.3

Arthouse Jersey 
Jersey Island (Channel Islands)

Grève de Lecq Barracks
art residency
work still in progress, due to pandemic 

Nothing Twice (Excerpt), 2018
Zuza Golińska/ Magdalena Łazarczyk
Dop: Jonasz Chlebowski
Music: Justyna Banaszczyk/ FOQL

Warszawska Jesień 2020
“Manifest: Pakt o nieagresji”

radio play

“It is a meeting of two artists who originate from very different milieus. Rafał Ryterski is a renowned composer, one of the leading voices of Poland’s new music scene. Justyna Banaszczyk comes from the world of underground noise/industrial and experimental dance music. This artistic meeting might never have happened if not for the turbulences of 2020, which appears to make reality bare as never before. Taking advantage of this catastrophic opportunity, the artists will challenge their thinking about each other and the barriers between their backgrounds, interpreting the famous text Stockhausen vs. the “Technocrats” in a radio feature written for Warszawska Jesień”

“Endgame Karaoke Sp. z o.o.” 
Nowy Teatr, Warszawa 
for festival Nowa Europa. Zbliżenia
curator: Michał Grzegorzek
sound installation

“Muscha, the central protagonist of the film Dekoder, works in a burger bar, his life filled with little more than the smell of burnt meat until he makes a surprising discovery: swapping the easy listening music in his restaurant for industrial noise, he can instigate skirmishes, even bring about a revolution against a menacing force which is approaching.

Visions of industrial music as a radical protest against patriarchal oppression appears in the work of Justyna Banaszczyk (FOQL) – the first participant in the show guesting: Sound, which accompanies performances of Markus Öhrn's show Three Scenes from a Life.

Three windmills, located in the theatre foyer, collect surrounding sounds, modifying and giving them up to audiences in the form of an odd composition, a psychedelic experience staged in a trash “cut up” aesthetic. Banaszczyk creates a work which formally refers to so-called functional music (Muzak, but also marketing jingles, elevator and background music), which piped into bars and shops was designed to not only increase employee productivity, but also encourage customers to make more purchases. Banaszczyk also sees muzak as a metaphor for patriarchal sounds and narrations, for officially approved templates, filler and something which silences other voices, along with other (than male) experiences. The female voice, functioning in the public space as an intruder, noise or pollution, is in the composition a relentlessly returning irregular chorus, which is impossible to overlook. The anger, frustration and resignation found in these looping soundscapes reflects so many contemporary female stories, as according to Anne Carson: every sound which we make is a bit of autobiography.”

Voice provided by: Edka Jarząb

Canti Spazializzati edycja #3 “Stock soundscapes for future walks” *
co-organizers: Dizajn BWA Wrocław, Sympozjum Wrocław 70/20, Żyjnia  

*ment to be multichannel sound installation but - pandemic


radio play in Polish and English

information: radio piece was supposed to be released on tape by MUTO by BRUD curated by Aditya Mandayam. Adi is no longer with us but his work is with us forever. Thank you Adi.

Radio piece created by J.B. in Studio Worm/Klangendum (Rotterdam) and Studio Perun (Warszawa) between April and August 2019

SIDE A: Polish version (31:29)
SIDE B: English version (31:29)

Station to station, studio to studio. Created partially at WORM / Klangendum studios, It will sound different when there are bodies in a room… is a sonic essay by FOQL about the legacy of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio. A story as scattered as the tapes used in the studio’s „Black Room”, it centers around the ghost of Eugeniusz Rudnik, a longtime engineer and producer at the studio, who only after many tears has been finally accepted within the history of New Music in Poland as a composer of experimental music. For FOQL Rudnik’s story serves as a lens for her own story of fight for a place within today’s „New Music”, as she embraces his social background and advancement, but deconstructs the whole legacy of the Studio in terms of gender and its general exclusiveness. One must note that there were many important female engineers, and producers, as well as some female composers working at the studio. FOQL samples from one of them. A story about a complicated legacy that was discarded, only to be used a few years later to build safe monuments.

released November 30, 2019

co-produced by WORM Rotterdam
Images by Copy Corpo

The Ping-Pong tapes are a series of sonic sculptures produced during Radio Juju at Rib in 2019.

Special thanks to Brud

“Ozen” directed by Emir Baigazin
film premiered at the Venice Biennale
original soundtrack

Hotel Belle-Vue | Magdalena Samozwaniec

music for radio play
directed by Aleksandra Jakubczak
produced by Teraz Poliż

Memorymorph [Małgorzata Łuczyna, Jacek Złoczowski]

background music

“Total Solidarity” VA by Oramics
curator, originator

“Sirens’ Call”
Syrena Squat gate
site-specific AV
Warszawa, 2017

“Szkoła” opening
with Edka Jarząb
Warszawa, 2020
AV intervention

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